We delivery farm fresh salads
That you choose & customize
Daily to your office
Our customers are small offices who look to take care of their employees with daily fresh food, that never gets boring.
Our suppliers are local farms & specialty producers, who are passionate about their products and are focusing on quality.
We are a dedicated food enthusiasts who do not compromise on quality and service.
Every day in your office by 13:00 guaranteed.
But if you really hungry, we can schedule an earlier time subject to availability.
You will be notified when your food arrives and pick it up when you ready.
Save time, no more queues. Pick your salad from your office fridge and spend your time in the park!
Enjoy really fresh and unparalleled choice of ingredients.
Our dressings are all home made, your salad will never be the same again!
Get an access to our order system via your sales rep, if you dont have one get in touch and we get you set up!
Share the login & Green club link with your  team members and you set to go!
A Salad
Is only
as good as
its freshest
Farm fresh
leafy greens
& Delivered
green club team

About GREENCLUBvienna #Eatwell#Livewell

We  fulfill our mission by making #FRESH #OFFICE🏢 #FOOD🥗 easily available and affordable to all on a daily basis. From the CEO to the Trainee.

We will make sure you always have a fresh option for your lunch so dont take out, take in!

1# Arrange a tasting in your office, this one is on us! Click here!

2# Vote to try us for 1 - 4 weeks. Only pay for what you take! Keep your options open.

3# Let your office manager to get in touch with us and arrange a trial!

4# Create your account with us, you can customize meals from our Vegan🍍, Vegetarian🧀 and Predator🦁 options! You can customize your salad from a range of 30+ ingredients on your account in case you decide to pre-order!

Allergies?! Dont worry we got you covered, you can specify it in your account and have exactly the ingredients you want in your pre-ordered item.


#EATWELL & #LIVEWELL. The choices of what we put in our body is not less important than other choices we make in life! We want to make it easy for people to make the right choice when it comes to fueling their body and soul. We make the healthy choice the easy choice.

#Knowledge🤯 is #Power💪. On every salad we serve we can provide you nutritional information not only of the Proteins, Carbs and Fats but more importantly which vitamins and minerals each ingredient and the whole salad contains.

#Discover🌎 & #Experience. We will take you on a discovery trip of flavors across continents and countries. Our fresh ingredient combinations are inspired by local traditional flavors and staples. From an Egyptian🇪🇬 falafel to Vietnamese 🇻🇳 refreshing citrus, we will shake up your taste buds! All these items are fresh and home made on the same day!

#Share the ❤️#Love❤️. We will share the stories behind those amazing ingredients and tastes that we discover because at the end of the day, these people who give us their food give us their heart.


Founded in 2019, GREENCLUBvienna is a creator of fresh and healthy food with an unparalleled choice of ingredients to satisfy any taste bud😛.

Our salads🥗 are hand made daily as well as all of our dressings. Whatever we can do ourselves from raw ingredients we try to make it because only then we can make sure it tastes great.

We can offer you a wide range of ingredients while making sure that each and everyone is as good👼 as possible. From a wide choice of nuts, cheeses, dried or fresh fruits or vegetables you name it we have it.

Our customers are busy people in offices, who want to eat healthy lunch but find it hard to find fresh, affordable and filling meal.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a predator, we have something that you would love, if not, tell us and we make sure we have it for you for your next order!

We source our greens direct from the farm! That means the lettuce that you eat is super fresh and crispy. For other ingredients we aim to use smaller suppliers who focus on quality and are craftsmen making their produce with love and care.

green club team
Mikhail Roshal e.U (GREENCLUBvienna)
Gudrunstraße 11/6B
A1100, Wien
E-MAIL: office@greenclub.at
Mobile: +43 677 63337393
General information
General Manager: Mikhail Roshal
Legal name: Mikhail Roshal e.U (GREENCLUBvienna)
UID/Firmbuch: Hinweis:Kleinunternehmer gem. § 6 Abs. 1 Z 27 UStG